The Standard Way

I finally visited The Standard for the first time a couple months ago with my boyfriend who is a member there. I was really curious to experience this place first hand after hearing and seeing so much about it. This hotel is a total shangri-la. An escape from the hustling and bustling world (and especially city). Lying poolside under the shade of my brand affirmating yellow and white umbrella, I people watched the shit out of that place. Models, no doubt some celebrities, actors, gay dudes with the cutest, fluffiest little purse dogs running around without leashes

in skimpy bathing suits- this spot was different to anywhere else, and I was digging it.

The hotel itself is situated on Belle Isle which is an ‘island’ of the Venetian Isles that are in the middle of Biscayne Bay. It is closer to the beach side than the mainland side, but is perched on the northwest corner of this island looking back across the bay at the mainland – a great sunset spot, a rarity on the east coast. Watching the boats and jetski’s going by, occassionally pulling up alongside the hotel to pop in for lunch, I thought to myself ‘I could get used to this’…(as I sipped on my rosé).

Their spa and pool are no joke either. You can book entire rooms for treatments, bathe in their (literal) bathtubs outside on the patio (naked if you like!), or walk slowly into their pool that gradually slopes deeper and deeper, luring you in like the ocean.

Another thing – FISH TACOS. I’m no expert but I did live in Jalisco, Mexico for three and a half years andfeel that maysomewhat validate my taco knowledge on what makes a good taco. These ones are delicious, and possibly my favorite in Miami ever (sorry Soho House – still a close second).

Their restaurant, Lido, is super cute and well laid out. It is obviously right on the water too, decorated with Acapulco chairs, essential fans and a gorgeous bar.

This Saturday, afforementioned boyfriend (*insert promo* Santiago Caballero, IG: @djsanticab) will be throwing down a four hour vinyl set from 4-8pm at the Lido restaurant. He is one of two parts of the well known Miami DJ’s who are Slap & Tickle (IG:  @slapticklemiami), plays mostly house music (think, Chicago House/Disco), and is a damn good DJ (even if I do say so myself). Come by, say hi, it’s free to come in to the restaurant – no membership needed.

Also check out his first release on their Slap & Tickle record label, called “Cuatro”. It is available across all platforms including Spotify and Apple Music.

You can find him on Spotify here:

See you at pɹɐpuɐʇs ǝɥʇ!


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