Here Goes Nothin’…

Three and a half years ago I moved to terra firma, and left the impeccable world of superyachts behind. Since then I have really rooted myself in the South Florida ‘scene’. Not really purposefully, just because it’s who I am and what I enjoy.

By nature I am an extrovert, and this social nature has led me to meeting a lot of really cool people along the way. I enjoy checking out the latest restaurant opening, or new rooftop bar, visting art exhibitions and meeting new people. Music is my number one love – so naturally going to watch live music whether in concert at American Airlines Arena in Miami, or Coral Sky Amphitheater in West Palm Beach – if I’m into the band, I’m in. DJ sets where I can lose myself in the beat, dancing the night (or day) away are my all time. I live and breathe music. I’m always plugged in, always adding to my Spotify, always listening to the latest releases, and I’m always sharing my good finds with the whoever cares enough to listen.

I don’t do this because I make money off of it, or am promoting a brand or person for a cause. The reason I share these things is because when someone who listens to a track I posted sees me randomly one day and says “Hey, that track you put up by so and so was FIRE!!!” – THAT is what makes me so happy. To be able to connect on that special, music level with someone, that to me is all I could ever ask for. So I share, and I keep sharing, because I love watching people get as excited as I do.

So over time, people and friends have watched what I’ve been up to, mostly through my personal Instagram account. Often, no, more like weekly, almost DAILY, people text me and ask me what my plans are for that night, that week, that weekend etc. If someone needs a restaurant referral, or wants to know the best place to get their hair done even, they ask. This is not by any means to say I am so fantastic and know it all, but for whatever reason, people do seem to ask, a lot.

Eventually people started to nag. They told me to start a blog, start a ‘business’ Instagram page etc. Not being a very confident person, I just laughed it off. But now I have been laughing it off for about three years, and I thought it might be time to listen to them. Maybe.

My official job title (in real life – lol) is Public Relations Manager for a really well known yachting company. I run all their social media profiles for about 6 different account (excluding my own), as well as their marketing. Since diving head first into this world for the past year or so, I figured, why not start this blog? So here we are.

As a Cape Town girl, now living in Fort Lauderdale/Miami, I am here with my blog, to share all things that I enjoy and think are cool (you can be the judge), via this website and my new IG account also called @postcardsfromemma

I hope you enjoy this as much as I do. Let’s see where the journey takes us.

As always, unapologetically me.

Besos xx



Published by inyani creative

inyani means ‘authentic’ in xhosa. a miami-based design studio specializing in branding, interiors, styling, social media + creative direction.

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